About Us

We provide hands-on experience in the business of science and technology, focusing on the development of transferable skills

Our Leaders

BALSA Officers are passionate about supporting the business needs of our diverse clients while creating learning opportunities for BALSA members. We rely on the experience and leadership of the Executive Team to guide strategic growth and business development.

Our Team

BALSA Project Managers are dedicated to delivering high-quality work and fostering the professional development of BALSA consultants. Our project managers engage with clients, manage consultants’ effort and productivity, and execute project deliverables.

Our Alumni

BALSA Alumni pursue diverse career paths following their experience with the group. We cultivate a strong alumni network providing current members with opportunities to find mentors as they pursue new careers.

Our Advisory Board

The BALSA Advisory Board includes some of the region’s top leaders in business, education, and entrepeneurship. We utilize their extensive experience to help inform our big-picture, long-term organizational advancement.