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There is no “typical” BALSA project, but our teams usually consist of  three consultants, a project manager, and an experienced BALSA consultant as project advisor. These teams operate in six week client engagements, covering multiple facets of business strategy. Click below to see examples of BALSA deliverables in the following business areas:

Market Research
Market entry analysis for a molecular diagnostics platform company

Our team evaluated three potential target markets for a novel molecular diagnostic technology by interviewing over a dozen medical professionals, understanding potential customers, and profiling competitors. The technology was compared to the gold standard and recommendations to the client included pricing considerations, a determination of end-user conversion, and evaluation of the marketability of proposed major functions of the diagnostic tool. Our recommendations were incorporated into the client’s business plan, helped to inform their marketing plan, and focused their technology development on its core components.

Intellectual Property and Licensing
Invention disclosure assessment for academic institution

In an ongoing partnership, BALSA consultants evaluate the commercialization potential for inventions disclosed to the Office of Technology Management at Washington University in St. Louis. Our teams conduct technology assessments for inventions ranging from novel therapeutics to chemical isotope enrichment processes. Our assessments quantify market size and determine relevant market segments, evaluate the stage of technology development, and identify commercial opportunities and barriers to market entry. The recommendations inform OTM on decisions to pursue patent protection for the disclosed technology.

Technology Development
Material testing and product design for a sports technology

BALSA consultants created technology development and testing plans for a novel sporting good. Our team provided a materials testing roadmap and determined appropriate material parameter windows for the stiffness, friction, thermal contraction and expansion coefficients, and flight path characteristics for a projectile. Our plans included appropriate tests to quantify each material parameter and identified leading experts to consult for specific evaluations. The recommendations centered on engaging with research partners and developing key relationships for downstream sales and marketing.

Quality and Regulatory Compliance
International regulatory requirements and predicate IVD identification

Our team assessed the regulatory and logistical barriers to creating an international in vitro diagnostics (IVD) company by interviewing operations managers and business development staff at established companies. The assessment compared and contrasted regulatory hurdles in the United States, China, and Australia and highlighted major barriers specific to each market. In the United States, predicate IVD were identified for possible 510(k) submission. Our recommendations were incorporated into a comprehensive market entry strategy and informed strategic partnerships to aid growth and development.

Technology Assessment
Plant-inspired biofuels

Our team evaluated potential target markets for a plant-based organic biosynthesis technique. The analysis benchmarked the technology relative to existing methods based upon production costs, established markets, past stability of the markets, intellectual property protections, international regulatory hurdles, and recent scientific discoveries. Our results helped the inventor focus on the highest potential target market and prioritize secondary markets. The recommendations featured strategies for addressing major barriers to entry and highlighted key milestones for technology development.

Consumer-Facing Materials
Pitch deck formulation

BALSA consultants designed versatile and visually appealing investor pitch deck for a web application company. The pitch deck content included market size projections, quantitative market segmentation, and financial projections assuming conservative and aggressive technology adoption rates. Our analysis assisted the client in understanding target markets, key competitive technologies, and significant barriers to end-user uptake. The recommendations were incorporated into the client’s investor presentation and focused app development on the needs of key customer segments.

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