What Is BALSA?

The BALSA Group aims to provide its members with real-world opportunities to experience the business of science. Projects are intended to help members develop transferable skills applicable to academic and non-academic career trajectories.

BALSA is...

  • Student Led

    BALSA is comprised of students and graduates of PhD, MBA, and JD programs from universities around St. Louis.

  • Business Minded

    We apply our scientific skills to business problems, bringing a fresh perspective to our clients.

  • Career Oriented

    BALSA members build transferable skills that make them highly competitive in the job market.

  • Locally Focused

    We work primarily with companies within the greater St Louis region, striving to keep innovation and talent close to home.

  • Nationally Recognized

    Leaders from The BALSA Group authored the most-read Nature Biotechnology article of 2013.

  • Data Driven

    Members rely on a team-based approach to answer questions from a variety of angles.

Our Achievements


BALSA in the News

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