Why Join BALSA?

We provide hands-on experience in the business of science and technology, focusing on the development of transferable knowledge and skills for post-graduate professions.

  • Our Team

    Our teams contain members of varying expertise and experience. Each BALSA team draws from our pool of members with diverse backgrounds – from biochemistry to psychology to business to law – and allows consultants to consider new perspectives while working towards a common goal. New consultants learn business skills step-by-step by working with guidance from the team leaders, who often have years of BALSA experience.

  • Our Clients

    The BALSA Group executes low-cost, high-value consulting projects for a range of companies in the St. Louis region. Our clients range from entrepreneurs and small startups to large multinational corporations, giving consultants wide exposure to different business models. Projects cover diverse sectors and topics, allowing our consultants to learn new skills from each engagement. Consultants answer real-world questions for our clients and provide actionable recommendations for business development.

  • Our Community

    The BALSA Group enjoys collaborations with multiple entities within the St Louis biosciences ecosystem. We engage in regular interactions with incubators and networks including Cortex, ITEN, T-REX, and CIC. Further, our members are able to utilize TechArtista, the Central West End coworking space founded by Washington University alumni. We have been engaged for multiple projects with The Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, two Washington University facilities that are passionate about the business of science.

  • Our Opportunities

    The BALSA Group provides educational opportunities for members with various career interests. The skills learned by our consultants are transferable to a wide variety of careers in science, business, and law. Our alumni enter diverse career paths including consulting, academia, and venture capital.

BALSA Initiatives

  • Finance Working Group

    The BALSA Finance 101 Working Group is an initiative focused on increasing the finance aptitude of BALSA members interested in money management, building wealth, mitigating risk, and assessing a business’s financial position. The WG seeks to enhance professional development by training members these concepts for personal growth and to implement these skills for future BALSA clients. All are welcome and no experience is necessary. Contact us for more information.

  • Case Study Working Group

    The BALSA Case Study Working Group is an initiative focused on providing attendees with an introduction to the case studies interview, as well as equipping them with tools to strategically deconstruct a problem in order to propose impactful recommendations. Attendees will learn how to classify any posed case using structured frameworks and ask logical questions to reach a rational solution. A case study can involve a business problem concerning product development, business model, market strategy, or product pricing. Planned activities will promote active learning and encourage the development of essential transferable skills for aspiring consultants, entrepreneurs, academicians, market research analysts, and product managers to name a few. Contact us for more information.